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Online Aromatherapy

  • 12Weeks


Summary: During this Aromatherapy course students will be taught how to safely use pre - blended Aromatherapy Oils to aid client’s requirements. How to use pre-blended essential oils as part of your client’s massage, to help improve your client’s sense of wellbeing. Students will be taught the different properties of the essential oils and how clients will benefit from the different types of oils. The video demonstration will show students how to use the different oils with massage techniques. Course duration: Online What will the course cover? History of essential oils What are essential oils How essential oils work How essential oils are extracted Choosing essential oils Where do essential oils come from Using essential oils How to store your oils Using your oils safely Table of essential oil information Essential oils Carrier oils Doctors consent Parents’ consent form Medical consolation form Client details Patch test form Contra-indications and contra-actions Health and safety Massage movements Photosensitivity/effects of pre-blended oils on the therapist Benefits of using pre-blended aromatherapy oils Aftercare advice Video demonstration Assessment Pre-entry requirements: Body massage qualification Accreditation: ABT





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