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Classroom Facials


Summary: This Facials course will teach you the core foundations of tranquilizing Facials. Students will learn how this relaxing treatment helps to revitalize and refresh the client’s skin. Several techniques will be shown such as exfoliate, steam, extract and massage with the use of various skin products. Course duration: Theory completed at your own pace as home study online. Practical session: Half a day What will the course cover? Health and safety Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons Sterilisation and disinfecting The appearance of the therapist Ergonomics Facials Bones of the face Bones of the shoulders, chest and spine Muscles of the face The circulatory system The respiratory system The lymphatic system Skin anatomy Skin facts The function of the skin Skin analysis Skin types and conditions Skin conditions Client consultation Consultation form Contra-indications Contra-actions Equipment for Facials Preparation of the work area Cleansing the eye area Cleansers Toners Ampoules Eye cream/gel/fluid Serums Masks Moisturisers Sun protection Exfoliators Facial techniques Extraction Massage Types of Facials Treatment procedure for luxury Facials After care Pre - entry requirements: Suitable for beginners Dress code: Tunic and black trousers Accreditation: ABT





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