Gel Nails

This is a beginner’s course covering all the key aspects which will enable you to provide a full Gel Nails service.

 You will cover overlays, extensions, repair, maintenance and removal during this course.

This course is a must if you want to provide a career in the nail industry.

Gel Polish is a popular treatment within the beauty industry.

During this course you will learn the techniques of applying and removing Gel Polish, usage of UV lamp to cure the nails.

 Once you are certified you will be able to provide your clients with longer lasting results compared to normal manicures. 

Pedicures, a must have treatment on your treatment list.
During this course you will be taught basic, luxury and spa techniques on how to make the feet and toes look glamorous.

Manicures another popular treatment found in many salons. This course is designed for beginners or therapists wanting to add manicures to their services. During this course you will learn how to improve the appearance of your client’s nails, by using techniques such as buffing, filing, working on cuticles and applying polish.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic Nail Extensions are a fabulous way for your client to have good looking nails and presentable hands. A must have qualification will be gained for this in demand treatment which is  suitable for any beauty therapist.


Learn the benefits and how to safely use the E-file to minimise treatment times.

Nail Art

Want to get creative with nails? Learn freehand techniques which will make your clients nails stand out from the rest.