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Classroom Hopi Ear Candle


Summary: During this popular course students will learn how to give clients a soothing, safe and non- invasive treatment to the ears. The course demonstrates the use of Hopi Ear Candles which has many benefits such as vertigo, migraines hay fever sinusitis, safe removal of ear wax and infections. Course duration: Theory completed at your own pace as home study online. Practical session: Half a day What will the course cover? Health and safety Sterilization and disinfecting The appearance of the therapist Ergonomics History of thermal auricular therapy Benefits of thermal auricular therapy Ear, nose and throat The ear and its function The skin Facial muscles Sinus cavities Bones of the skull and face The circulatory system The respiratory system The lymphatic system Lymph nodes of the head Client consultation Record keeping Consultation form Contra-indications Contra-actions Aftercare Equipment and products Storage and insurance Hopi Ear Candle procedure Pre - entry requirements: Suitable for beginners Dress code: Tunic and black trousers Accreditation: ABT





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