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Academy means Kirren Karara trading as Kirren Karara Beauty Academy 

Both parties mean you and Kirren Karara. 

Cancellation rights means the cancellation of the contract by appropriate notice from you to us. After cancellation, both parties will treat the contract as not having been made. 

Cancellation period means 24 hours from the time of registration. 

Contract means this agreement between you and Kirren Karara Beauty Academy. 

Enrolled student means a student who has enrolled with Kirren Karara Beauty Academy, thereby confirming that they intend to actively learn during course and that they agree to the Terms and Conditions set out below. 

Fees means the fees chargeable for a student course of study. 

Termination rights means the rights of both parties to end the contract early. 

Termination means the early end of the contract after the appropriate notice from you or us. 

Terms and Conditions means the clauses contained in this Contract. 

Tutor means the instructor who conducts the course you are registered on. 

We/us/our means the Kirren Karara Beauty Academy owned by Kirren Karara. 

You/your means an applicant who has enrolled for a course with Kirren Karara Beauty Academy and to whom this contract applies. 



This document sets out in detail the relationship between you and Kirren Karara Beauty Academy. We want you to get the best out of our online course. To ensure your experience with us is successful, enriching and memorable both parties must recognise that we owe obligations to each other. When you enrol for a course you are entering into a contractual relationship with us. It is important that you understand the nature of this contractual relationship and what you are agreeing to by entering into it. 


Your Contract with Kirren Karara Beauty Academy 

Before signing this Contract, you should check that the details in the offer are complete and accurate. If you have any queries, you should contact Kirren Karara by email at or telephone (07528169944). 

When you accept the terms for your online course, your contract with Kirren Karara Beauty Academy takes effect, you agree to be bound by the terms of this document. Accordingly, you should read this document carefully. 


Changes to your Course or this Document 

The Academy is continuously developing, refining and improving its services and courses, and introducing new options for the benefit of its students. This may be to reflect student feedback or matters of judgement or expertise, to accommodate changes or developments in practice or teaching practices or facilities, or to keep the course of study up to date. This may lead to changes in the terms, content or delivery of the Academy’s course. 

If the Academy decides to make a significant change to your course of study, they will consult you in advance on the change, except where the change is required for regulatory or legal reasons, or on account of events beyond the Academy’s control, in which case the Academy will notify you of this as soon as possible and try to minimise any adverse impact on you. 


Your course 

You are registered on an online course with the Academy. 

Within 24 hours of receipt of payment for your online course, the Academy will email you course materials such as manuals, theory, consultation forms and demonstration videos. 

You are required to read the materials provided and watch the applicable videos supplied by the Academy. 

You are then required to return by email to the following: 

a. answers to the Student questionnaires that has been provided, and 

b. one case study of you demonstrating the treatment. 

You will be assessed by the Academy based on your answers you provide to the student questionnaire and the case study you send to the Academy. 


If you pass the course, you will be sent a certificate of completion for the course by email within 7 working days. If you would like a paper copy certificate, we charge £10, printed card copy of your certificate, we charge £15. For a laminated copy we charge £20. Postage charge applies should you want your certificate sent in the post. Or we can email this to you for no additional charge. Re-issue of emailed certificate charge is £10. Postage charge applies should you want your certificate sent in the post. 


If you fail the course, you will be informed, and you will be required to re- submit another case study. You will have a maximum of 3 calendar months from the date of purchase to re-submit 

your case study, failure to do so, you will not be assessed for the course and will not be granted a certificate of completion. 


Misplaced documents 

Once the course material has been sent if you lose the material there will be an additional cost of £10 per item to resend this out to you. 

Fees, deposits and consequences of non-payment 

Full payment must be paid when you register on a course. 

Your fees include access to required materials such as manuals. The details of what you will receive depends on which course you are registered on and this is outlined on individual course pages. 

Material will be sent to you as soon as payment is received in full. There will be no refunds for online courses if you do not complete the course or fail the course. 

You must complete the course within 3 months of date of purchase after that date lapses, the Academy will not assess your case study and no certificate will be issued. 


Price Variation 

The price of the course may be subject to a price variation (increase or decrease) at a later date or when you will be attending the practical session. Should this be the case you will only be required to pay the price stated at the time of booking this course and as confirmed in the Welcome letter. 


Your cancellation rights 

Once you have registered for a course at the Academy you have 24 hours (“the Cancellation Period”) in which to cancel your registered course and you can do so for any reason. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform the Academy of your decision to cancel this Contract by a clear statement to Kirren Karara by email at .If you cancel the course your registered for within the Cancellation Period, the Academy has the right to charge you for the course provided as course materials will be sent to you within 24 hours of receipt of payment from you. 

Please indicate your acceptance of these terms by signing and returning to me the attached copy of this letter. 

Yours sincerely, 


Kirren Karara 

Thank you, enjoy your course

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