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Classroom Manicure


Original Price: £120. Promotion applied price: £100. Summary: Manicures another popular treatment offered in many salons. This course is designed for beginners or therapists wanting to add Manicures to their services. During this course students will learn how to improve the appearance of client’s nails, by using techniques such as buffing, filing, working on cuticles and applying polish. Course duration: Theory completed at your own pace as home study online. Practical session: Half a day What will the course cover? Health and safety Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons Sterilisation and disinfection Appearance of the beauty therapist Ergonomics Structure of the skin Function of the skin Muscles of the hand Muscles of the arm Bones of the hand Bones of the arm Structure of the nail Contra-indications Nail diseases Nail disorders Nail shapes Setting up your work area Consultation form Manicure treatment Hand massage Nail painting tips Aftercare Pre-entry requirements: Suitable for beginners Dress code: Tunic and black trousers Accreditation ABT


  • Kirren Karara

    Kirren Karara




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