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Classroom Henna Designs Masterclass


Join our tutor, an experienced henna artist who will bring you the ultimate henna class! This course is ideal for those of you who already have a good knowledge of mehndi and looking to build on your passion. Giving you an insight on boosting your business, developing your current skill set and refine your techniques. Do you ever look at your designs and think …if only it was neater, or maybe you need help on you bride/groom henna faces or replicating the latest trends? We cover the latest henna fashions, so you can incorporate these into your designs and helping you expand your service portfolio, attract new clients. Getting better at neat, intricate and mirrored flowing designs. As well as the components of intricate and traditional bridal mehndi designs. Along with combining both traditional and modern elements to create something special. Pre - entry requirements: Suitable for students who qualified and want to build or perfect techniques. Dress code: Comfortable (please do not wear anything you are not willing to get henna on) Accreditation: ABT





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