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Classroom Plasma Pen


Summary Plasma Pen also known as Fibroblast is a skin tightening, non-surgical treatment. With the use of Plasma energy, a thermal effect is created causing excess skin to shrink and to tighten. This course is great for therapists who want to offer skin tightening treatments without the use of injectables on areas such as the eyelids, smoker/ mouth lines and stretch marks. What will the course cover? Health and safety Data protection act risk assessment COSHH Code of practice for hygiene Sterilisation and disinfecting Ergonomics What is Plasma Pen? Anatomy of the face Skin anatomy Advantages of Plasma Pen Consultation Contra-indications Treatment procedure Aftercare Practical assessment Pre-requisites: Level 3 in beauty or anatomy and physiology or facials qualification. If you are a Nurse, Doctor or Dentist. Students must be aged 18 plus. Home study: Completed at your own pace Accreditation: CPD





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