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Classroom Micro-Needling


Summary: Reverse the signs of ageing, by learning how to use Micro-Needling devices and techniques. Throughout this course students will be taught how to safely, hygienically create tiny channels into the skin to allow better penetration of products encourage new cells, skin re growth, resulting in a better complexion. Course duration: Theory completed at your own pace as home study online. Practical session: Half a day What will the course cover? Anatomy and physiology Consultation Contra-indications Contra-actions Benefits of Micro-Needling and how it works Different needle lengths Demonstration of Micro-Needling Students work on their models Aftercare Practical Assessment Pre-requisites: Level 3 in Beauty/qualified in Microblading. Or if you are a Nurse, Doctor or Dentist. Students must be aged 18 plus. Dress code: Tunic and black trousers. Accreditation: ABT





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