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Online Lomi Lomi

  • 12Weeks


Lomi Lomi massage also known as Ka Huna Massage is an ancient form of massage therapy that treats both the mind and the body. This accredited course is designed to provide you with the skills to safely perform Lomi Lomi Masage. Students will learn how to perform the massage practically and safely. The massage works by stimulating the natural flow of energy. Lomi Lomi massage can be slow and relaxing or fast and invigorating, but is generally deep and rhythmical. The massage is performed using the forearms, heel of hands and elbows in long flowing strokes. Course duration: Online What will the course cover? Introduction Course Objective Body Mechanics What is Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage? What is Opu Huli? What is Pule? History of Hawaiian Massage Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage Use of Oils Contraindications Client Consultation Consultation Form GP Referral Letter Hygiene Preparing your Work Area Health & Safety Professional Ethics Insurance Client Confidentiality Risk Assessment Marketing Aftercare Advice Anatomy and Physiology video demonstration of Massage Routine/Procedure Assessment Pre - entry requirements: Suitable for beginners




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